Tree Trimming & Removal Services

Do you have a tree in your front yard that could benefit from a trim? Alternatively, do you have a tree in your backyard that needs to be removed? If so, the tree specialists at Davis Trimming & Removals are here to help.

For several years, Davis Trimming & Removals has been helping those in and around Paradise & Magalia, CA with all of their tree trimming, pruning, and removal needs. If you have trees that need to be tended to in your yard, we can set you up with the right services and make sure you’re satisfied with the work we do.

It’s very important for those who have trees on their property to trim and prune them on a regular basis. If trees aren’t trimmed and pruned, they won’t be as healthy as they can be. They also won’t look their best and could potentially cause trouble for you if they grow over top of your home and send dead limbs and branches down on to your roof. Davis Trimming & Removals can handle trimming and pruning of all types of trees to ensure yours last for a long time and aren’t affected by disease.

In the event you need to have a tree or multiple trees removed from your property, Davis Trimming & Removals can help you with that, too. You might want to remove a tree because it’s dead or diseased. You also might want to do it because it was recently damaged during a storm. You might even want to do it simply because it doesn’t look good in your yard and is dragging your curb appeal down. Whatever the case, our experts can handle trees big and small.

If you would like to have a tree trimmed, pruned, or removed, contact Davis Trimming & Removals at 530-877-9095 today. We’ll send someone out to your home immediately to provide you with our tree services.