General Yard Cleanup Services

Does your yard look like a mess right now? Maybe there are tree branches and limbs scattered all across your property as a result of a recent storm. Or maybe you just haven’t gotten around to cleaning your yard up in a while, which has led to leaves, branches, and other debris building up in various parts of your yard. Whatever the case may be, Davis Trimming & Removals can provide you with general clean up services in and around Paradise & Magalia, CA to make your yard look great again. You won’t believe it’s the same yard once we’re done with it.

When you call on Davis Trimming & Removals and ask us to set you up with general clean up services, we will make sure your entire yard is cleaned up before we leave your property. In some cases, that might mean raking up leaves, tree branches, and more and hauling them away for you. In others, it might mean removing a tree from your property that was damaged during a storm. We have cleaned up small yards, big yards, and everything in between in the past and will improve the look of your yard and, by extension, your home when you trust us to do it.

In addition to cleaning up your yard, Davis Trimming & Removals can also trim and prune trees if you’d like and put you in a position to add great landscaping features to your property. And we’ll do it all while providing you with excellent customer service and affordable prices, with discounts available for seniors, veterans and students.

Take advantage of our general clean up services today by calling Davis Trimming & Removals at 530-877-9095.