Tree & Stump Removal

Most of the people who have trees growing in their yards love them. They really appreciate the shade and privacy they provide and like the way the trees look within the design of their landscaping. However, sometimes it’s time for a tree to go. Perhaps they’re dead, dying, or diseased, or maybe because they pose a threat to your property or just don’t look good in your yard. Whatever the case, Davis Trimming & Removals is here to help you remove unwanted trees from your property.

In addition to removing trees for you, Davis Trimming & Removals can also take care of the tree stumps that are left behind once we cut trees down. It’s important to remove tree stumps from your property because they will cut into your space and bring down the aesthetic appeal of your yard. They’ll also serve as a tripping hazard and attract pests to your yard. In some cases, tree stumps can even encourage new tree growth on your property and force you to do tree removal again in the future. It’s why it’s a good idea to grind down tree stumps with help from a company like ours.

Davis Trimming & Removals has been providing those in the Paradise & Magalia, CA area with tree and tree stump removal for several years. We are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured business that puts an emphasis on removing trees the right way. We’ll put measures into place to ensure your trees and tree stumps are removed safely, and we’ll improve the look and feel of your yard in the process. Notably, we offer discounts to veterans, senior citizens and students.

If you would like to remove a tree or tree stump from your yard, reach out to Davis Trimming & Removals at 530-877-9095 today to learn more about your tree removal services.